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The Boggy Creek Style...what to expect.

With 2010 as the 30th vintage for Boggy Creek we have learnt a lot over this time about the detail that makes great wine.  What you enjoy now in the glass comes about from an enormous amount of effort and management which has evolved over these last 30 years for us, but centuries for many other world producers.

First and foremost we recognise at Boggy Creek that great wines are made in great vineyards, and it is the attention to detail and growing of the vines that ensures that we firstly produce great berries.  There is a lot to growing vines, and what we need to ensure is that we have balance of the vine.  The correct amount of leaf to fully ripen the bunches of grapes, and careful water and foliage management to produce a controlled number of bunches per vine, with a balance of berry size to bunch numbers.   To recognise that great wine comes about from those great little berries we have to have the correct skin to juice ratios, that have fully ripe fruit flavours, and lastly that the structure of the berry juice on the vine is ideal.

When we are satisfied these factors all line up, we will then harvest the fruit.


We want to produce fruit flavoured wines that are appealing on the nose in the glass, and that follow through on the mouth for a multi layered mouth feel, that is long to the back of the mouth, and that is soft yet complex to drink with no harsh tannins.  This is also complex, but to do this without winery additives, we have to get these factors right in the vineyard.  Thus the grapes have to perform in the winery ferment and by maturation with oak.

The careful use of oak, we only use French oak, creates further integrity of the wine, and needs to balance the weight of the wine and the structure of the fruit flavours so that they are in harmony, without one trying to dominate the other.

I have learnt so much of this from travelling to all the wine regions of the world and understanding how other producers achieve their results from the fruit they have to work with.  You quickly learn that it is in the vineyard and that is where the grapes have to rise to the fore.

In summary, we are aiming to produce elegant contemporary wines that show the excellent balance and length that major European wines in particular show.  With this in mind we make our wines in a primarily dry style to be food friendly wines that accompany many different food styles.

Cheers, Graeme Ray




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