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"crafted family estate wines from vineyard to the glass"

Wine has always been a life-long passion for Maggie and I, and our 51 hectare vineyard here at Boggy Creek in the King Valley (North-East Victoria) has been producing fruit that has gone into some of Australia’s best wines for over two decades. Nowadays our own wines under the "Boggy Creek Vineyards" label are finding their way onto restaurant wine lists and into retail stores around the world.


It is fantastic to be part of the King Valley region which is creating a great deal of excitement within the Australian wine industry at the moment with its extraordinary diversity of wine styles and commitment to innovation. Our whole approach to wine is centered on developing unique wine styles and helping people explore new horizons on their own passionate journey with wine.



When people come out to the vineyard, invariably the first thing they ask is "Where is the Boggy Creek? Does it really exist? Or is it a name you have made up?" Usually they get quite a shock when I turn around and point to the gentle stream running through the middle of the property and say "There it is - that’s the Boggy Creek!" The name is a typically Australian ‘tongue-in-cheek’ title given to a crystal clear mountain stream.   Judging by the history of the local area it was most probably an Irish settler back in the early 1800s who thought he would add a touch of Celtic wit to the landscape and the name obviously stuck (so to speak!).  The Boggy Creek starts in the nearby Whitlands plateau and flows gently through the picturesque Myrrhee Valley, passing through our property and continuing on its northern path where it meets up with the King River.

Graeme and Maggie Ray

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